“Rescue in Beirut: Story of the Kitten stuck in Rainwater Pipes for 3 Days”

2023-05-28 11:39:41

Amid cheers from people gathered to take part in the operation, rescuers in Beirut on Friday pulled out a kitten that had been stuck for 3 days in rainwater pipes on the roof of a building in the Lebanese capital, according to volunteers from Lebanon’s Animal Rescue Charity.

Maguy Shaarawy, Vice President of the Animal Society of Lebanon, told Archyde.com Television that in the past two days a kitten had been stuck in an opening in the building after its mother gave birth to it on the roof of the building, indicating that the lady who owned the building did not want to take care of the cats.

She added that the owner of the building tried to take the cats, so the little cat got scared and ran towards the drain, where it got stuck in the drain pipes, noting that she spent 3 days trying to save her.

It is believed that the rescued cat was born recently, and its entanglement in a rainwater gutter caused a gathering of volunteer rescuers and some passers-by, as well as some politicians and neighborhood officials in Beirut.

Rescue teams on the ground used small wire cameras to locate the cat in a rainwater pipe before proceeding to pull it out.

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