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Rescued animals, Georgia O’Keeffe, Hervé Guibert… The weekend replays


This week, two portraits as moving as they are essential, Hervé Guibert, who died of AIDS just thirty years ago, and Georgia O’Keeffe, whose retrospective in Beaubourg there is still time to go; two unexpected – and very much alive – guests in the heart of the Pantheon, Sting and Patti Smith; a zoo-refuge of hope for animals that no longer had any. And then a first: the uploading on Netflix of three films by Jane Campion, including her unforgettable Palme d’Or The Piano Lesson and the very first feature film by the New Zealand filmmaker, Sweetie.

A personal and intimate portrait of Hervé Guibert

For a long time, he told the story of famous people: Yves Saint Laurent, Simone Veil, Sigmund Freud. From the inside and as close as possible, going so far as to evacuate all external words. An approach and a bias taken to the extreme and very relevant, implemented for its Hervé Guibert, death propaganda, personal and intimate portrait of the writer and photographer who died in 1991 of AIDS.

Personal because, when the film begins, David Teboul, born with the disease, remembers the first deaths: Rock Hudson, Michel Foucault, Bernard-Marie Koltès, Jean-Paul Aron. As the list grows, David Teboul says: “The obituaries coincide with the discovery of artists and writers who will mark my generation. “ So Hervé Guibert, who not only wrote about his AIDS but showed it to us. David Teboul therefore chose, on the texts, letters and postcards of Hervé Guibert (read by Nicolas Amaury), to show and edit images drawn in particular from the fourteen hours of rushes of Modesty or Impudeur, in which Guibert staged the last moments of his life. Challenging but essential. Emilie Grangeray

Hervé Guibert, death propaganda, documentary by David Teboul (Fr., 2021, 64 min). Available on arte.tv until January 29, 2022.

Georgia O’Keeffe, a painter in the desert

“Georgia O'Keeffe, American icon”, documentary by Didier Ottinger and Sylvain Bergère (2021), available in replay on france.tv.

Western music against the backdrop of the ocher desert of New Mexico. It is in this wild country that the American painter Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986) spent the second part of her life; there that she wrote the annotations of Georgia O’Keeffe, book in which more than a hundred of his paintings are reproduced (Penguin Books, 1977); there opens the documentary dedicated to him. “If I am trying today to talk about my paintings myself, it is because no one else knows how they were created”, explains the artist in voice over.

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