Rescued shipwreck victim in waters of Sucre state

Members of the crew of the Vírgen del Valle II Ferry Ship, carried out the rescue work. (Reference Photo)

A woman was rescued in waters off the coast of Sucre state, after the rock in which she was traveling with other people capsized.

Members of the crew of the Vírgen del Valle II Ferry Ship carried out the rescue work and requested the support of Guanta Civil Protection personnel, who, complying with the work of biosecurity protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19, traveled to Conferry Guanta dock, to help Jetmar Rattia, 35, according to the Guanta Marine Fire Detachment.

The survivor of the accident received pre-hospital care at the IVSS Guaraguao health center, Sotillo municipality.

Jetmar Rattia reported that on Tuesday 23 he was aboard a peñero, which left the town of Santa Fe, Sucre state, bound for the town of Araya, which ran aground.

Authorities in the area added that other people who were in the wreck were rescued by the ferry La Caranta, if they provide other details.

Information in development …

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