Rescuing Stranded Expatriates in UAE’s Heaviest Rainfall: A Story of Hope and Community Unity

2024-04-17 18:21:09

Sana, a Pakistani national, is stuck near the Dubai GGCO metro station due to heavy rains and a more risky journey is not possible as she underwent a brain surgery. The main roads are waterlogged at many places and all the travel arrangements are very limited.. Their mother called Usman Kakkad to the Dubai ICF help desk. At that time, he was visiting from Oman and driving another Malayali family stuck in Dubai to Ummul Quwain. The message was immediately forwarded to Vinetan, that they should be brought to their residence in Sharjah immediately.. Sawad Chokli, who was then near the GGCO station, was called and asked to pick them up immediately and take them to Al Nahda Metro, who then went to Khizais..

By the time they reached Khizais, another person was arranged to take them to Sharjah. After an hour, they were safely handed over to their mother at home.

Things were not as easy as this writing. Many water dams, travel hardships and detours were overcome to reach the goal. Many tasks have been undertaken and completed by the ICF workers yesterday and today.

Everyone at the help desk got a good night’s sleep last night and stood ready for action. People who are stranded from Oman and unable to return after their Eid holiday, those who are stuck on the way to the airport to go home, those who need food and other essentials, those who are stuck at work places, those whose vehicles are in water, those who need cleaning due to flooding in their residences and shops, and many other issues have been resolved within the limitations, the darkness of the cloud in many minds has been replaced with peace. The ICF Help Desk was able to shed some light.

The rainfall in the UAE was the heaviest in its 75-year history, and the authorities had already announced that it would rain, and had already issued all the necessary precautionary measures. The rain was very heavy. We have seen many videos and pictures of the damage. The locals were literally mad for hours.

But the expatriates survived everything and surprised them again. Many voluntary organizations have come forward with their willingness to serve, and through the Rain Support UAE WhatsApp group, they have been able to help many people regardless of language. Many groups of over a thousand people were active around the clock. A new chapter of survival was being written in the diaspora world when hundreds of expatriates sincerely joined hands in knowing what was needed in each place.

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