Resident Evil 4: New DLC ‘Separate Ways’ Launches with Exclusive Discount – Limited Time Offer

2023-09-21 14:26:15

TOKYO, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Starting today, the critically acclaimed “Resident Evil 4” has launched an additional DLC “Separate Ways” to add new playable content, allowing players to go deep behind the main story and explore more plots. . Meanwhile, the main game of Resident Evil 4 is on sale for a limited time. The additional DLC of “Resident Evil 4” is now available. The additional DLC “Separate Ways” “Top secret mission, no failure is allowed.” This additional DLC goes deep into the main story from the perspective of Ada Wong, while retaining the basic action experience of the main game. , bringing a new 3D action gameplay and Ada Wang’s unique thrilling experience. Trailer: The popular free additional game mode Mercenary Mode now offers more playable characters. In addition, “Resident Evil 4 VR Mode” will be launched for the PlayStation®5 version of the game this winter. This free DLC is exclusive to PlayStation®VR2 and can be played within the entire main game. Embark on the journey of Leon S. Kennedy and immerse yourself in a terrifying and hair-raising rescue mission! “Resident Evil 4” Limited Time Offer To celebrate the Tokyo Game Show 2023, “Resident Evil 4” is now having its first discount. Purchase the Steam version of the main game before September 25th to enjoy a 34% discount! With the additional DLC “Separate Ways” being launched today, seize the opportunity to purchase the main game! For details, please visit the official website of “Resident Evil 4”: Capcom Online Program of Tokyo Game Show 2023 The Capcom Online Program of Tokyo Game Show 2023 will be broadcast today (September 21) at 2:00 pm (UTC) to announce the latest game information from Capcom , don’t miss it. Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show 2023 live broadcast website: Product name: “Separate Ways” Compatible platforms: PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X/S, PC (Steam) Number of players: 1 Release date: September 21, 2023 Sunday (Thursday) Trademark: CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2005, 2023 All rights reserved. Official website: Copyright: © CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2005, 2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. News source: PR Newswire The above news submission content is solely responsible for the content of PR Newswire. If there is any violation of laws and membership terms of this website, , if there is a risk of infringement of the rights of a third party, PR Newswire will bear all legal and damage liability and has nothing to do with Thehubnews.

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