Resident Evil Village: a promising taste

Three months before its release, Resident Evil Village begins to reveal its colors with a first demo. And the observation is obvious: Capcom’s flagship franchise has not finished giving us strong emotions, even after 25 years.

Fans are looking forward to it, this new Resident Evil, eighth of this name. Because after four years without new quests and adventures to slip into their console, players are now ripe for a little novelty.

But what to expect from Village, expected in May? Since its official announcement, few details have percolated from the Japanese studio to the fans. But that all changed this week, with Capcom lifting the veil on several elements of their next offering during a video presentation.

Scary atmosphere

The main piece of this presentation: a first demo, simply titled Maiden, now offered to owners of PlayStation 5 (don’t panic for the others, their turn will come soon, we are promised).

We take the controls of an unnamed character – who we guess to be the titular Maiden – lurking at the bottom of a dungeon. We instantly recognize the atmosphere that made the reputation of Resident Evil, be dark, disturbing and anxiety-provoking. Every detail is thought of to create a world fertile in chills and cold sweats.

Then, as the short adventure progresses, we leave the dungeon in favor of a sumptuous castle with a more cozy atmosphere, a place which is also reminiscent of the famous Spencer mansion of the very first Resident Evil. But even when one arrives on more prosperous and luminous ground, this visceral fear established by the play never really dissipates.

However, this demo is unique in that the events that are visited there are not borrowed from the campaign that will await us in Resident Evil Village ; they only serve to present the tone, atmosphere and visual style that Capcom has recommended for this new adventure.

Because this Village will put us in the shoes of Ethan Winters, hero of Resident Evil Biohazard. After surviving repeated attacks from the Baker family, our protagonist will now have to go in search of his daughter, kidnapped by mysterious and, we guess, dangerous entities.

Airs of Resident Evil 4

There is still a lot to discover, Capcom has not revealed certain key elements in its demo. An example ? No weapon or combat technique is put forward in this rather linear appetizer.

This portion, however, the studio gave us an overview thanks to certain extracts, relayed on its official networks.

At first glance, the game mechanics are not unlike those of Resident Evil 4, with a practically modeled inventory management system, in addition to the long awaited return of the merchant. We will therefore be able to stock up on weapons, ammunition and other precious items from a new enigmatic salesman crossed at various strategic places of our course.

As for the great surprise of this great unveiling, it is called Resident Evil Re : Verse. This new full-fledged game (which will be included with Village) will allow players to play as different heroes and villains from the series for six-party battles, contested online.

Difficult to comment on this subject for now, but we sincerely hope that this complement is more successful – and fun – than Resident Evil : Resistance, the fiasco proposed last year to accompany the remake of Resident Evil 3.

► Resident Evil Village will be available on PS4. PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC on May 7.

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