Resurrection Osman 10 The site of the love story without cutting and hesitating the Yarmouk channel .. The founder Othman is considering marrying Aigul and arresting Dindar and Gunduz

Resurrection Osman 10 is a love story site, the research is still growing on the series Resurrection Osman 10 that was able to occupy the trend in a number of Arab countries and not only in Turkey, where the resurrection Osman series was able to achieve unprecedented success and be in first place in the list of the most watched Turkish series , And the series revolves around the establishment of the Ottoman Empire at the hands of Osman Ibn Artgrel, who was able to be a strong army after the death of his father and fights the Tatars, Crusaders and the Mongols to establish his dream state.

Resurrection Osman 10 site love story

Now, throughout the week, you can follow the series Resurrection of Osman 10 translated into Arabic through the website of the story of love, and past episodes of the series witnessed fiery events, such as the capture of Osman Ibn Artgrel and his torture by the men of the castle led by Sofia, but with the help of his father Artgrel can escape and threatens them with severe revenge, as presented earlier The founder, Othman Ibn Artgrel Al-Ghazi to marry Bala Khatoon, the daughter of Sheikh Adibali, who rejected his request for lack of parity.

Resurrection Osman 10 site love story

The events of the Resurrection of Osman 10

The events of Uthman’s resurrection, the tenth episode, begin with the fact that Uthman, who explained to him the confusion after his uncle Dindar asked him to marry his daughter, Yegol, to prevent Ali Shar from asking for her hand, after which Baniz, disguised in the form of Abdul, will go to Ali Shar’s house to sow discord and tell him that the Kay tribe is the reason In what happens, the master of the flag will announce his anger at it and threaten Dindar, confessing that he masterminded the plot of Gondoz and will order him to put an end to Osman and that gold regain the weakness or else the whole tribe will be punished, and a strong verbal altercation will occur between Uthman and his uncle Dindar.

Uthman will also go with his men to the castle anonymously to retrieve the gold boxes that are inside, and in the meantime the Mongols will attack the market and go to the tribe and arrest Gonduz and his uncle, and when Uthman knows he rushes to catch them.

The frequency of the Yarmouk channel

And you can follow the resurrection of Othman 10 without cutting on the frequency of the Jordanian Yarmouk channel:

the channel The satellite Frequency Coding rate Polarization Error correction factor
Yarmouk Nile sat 11678 27500 vertical 3/4

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