Retirement of housewives: requirements to be entitled to a pension

Contributory retirement pensions are only available to workers who meet a series of retirement requirements. For example, having listed for a minimum of 15 years. A barrier that prevents many women from accessing this type of benefit. This is the case of those who have worked all their lives but have done so as Housewives, attending to the tasks of the home, and therefore without contributing fees to Social Security.

These people are entitled to a retirement pension, but of the type non-contributory. That is, those that protect those who have never contributed – or not during the required minimum period – or lack the basic resources to survive. This type of benefits can be retirement or disability. The first of these guarantees citizens over 65 years an economic benefit, free medical-pharmaceutical assistance and complementary social services.

However, a series of minimum requirements. First of all, in addition to age, it is asked reside in Spain and have done so for ten years. A period that must be between the date of completion of the 16 years and the accrual date of the pension. And two of those years must have been consecutive and immediately prior to the date of the request for the benefit.

Rent requirements

Furthermore, its income or income they must be less than a certain amount per year. After the 0.9% increase decreed for pensions in 2020, that amount stands at 5,538.40 euros per year (395.60 euros per month and 14 payments).

However, when the beneficiary’s income is less than that amount but live with family, will meet the requirements when the annual income or income of all the members of their cohabitation unit is less than the stipulated amounts: 9,415.28 euros in the case that two people live together; 13,292.16 euros (three people) and 17,169.04 euros (four people).


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