Revealed the role of Spike in the Super Mario movie

We already knew that Spike would appear in the Super Mario Bros. since that Nintendo Direct in which Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed the voice cast for the tape. However, it is now that we receive the first official details of what will be his role in the movie finally.

The information comes from the official Super Mario Bros. page. Plumbingwhere we find the following one-star review about the services of the Super Mario and Luigi brothers:

There is no loyalty with Mario and Luigi!!! The mediocre Mario brothers used to work for me until they decided to quit and start their own business… Someday they are going to learn a good lesson…

Additionally, in the new trailer for the film we can hear the line that Super Mario and Luigi sing: “We are the Mario brothers, and being plumbers is our game. We are not like the others, who get all the fame“.

As can be guessed from this review and the song, just as it happened in Wrecking Crew, Super Mario and Luigi worked under Spike’s orders.who apparently took all the credit for the good work of the brothers… This, how could it be otherwise, causes both Super Mario and Luigi resign their positions and decide to become autonomous, founding Super Mario Bros. Plumbing to later be transported to the Mushroom Kingdomwhere your great adventure begins.

Having said all this, we remind you that Spike will make his first appearance in decades in the Super Mario Bros.whose premiere is expected to take place next April 7 in Spain, United States and other different countries. We’ll keep you updated on all the movie news right here, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of all this? What do you think Spike will finally look like in the Super Mario movie? Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments!

Fuente: Super Mario Bros. Plumbing

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