revelation on the return of Cristiano Ronaldo, Mourinho blocked it!

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This information had never been released, but during the passage of the Mou on the bench of Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo would have been close to making his return to Old Trafford. But the Portuguese coach opposed it, arguing that the team’s priorities were elsewhere. This decision, José Mourinho would have taken during the summer of 2018, when Cristiano Ronaldo had just left Real Madrid. The latter finally signed up with Juventus.

A mournihesque decision, because daring and above all, CR7 would surely have done good for Manchester United of the Special One. 6 months after his refusal, United sacked him.

to summarize

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United could have happened in the summer of 2018, according to Jim White, presenter at British radio Talksport. But José Mourinho opposed it, believing that his team did not need the services of the Portuguese star.

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