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Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (right). Photo: Associated Press/Dazhi Image (file photo)

The force always runs in the opposite direction! Xie Jinhe, chairman of Caixin Media, said today (14th) that such reverse forces are omnipresent. For example, Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. The biggest reason was to prevent NATO’s eastward expansion. Now Sweden and Finland are strong Putin said he wanted to join NATO, and Putin united everyone. In addition, Taiwan’s economy has been doing well in recent years. In fact, the biggest driver is Chinese President Xi Jinping. These are all opposing forces.

Xie Jinhe posted that Mr. Du Yijin, an AI expert, wrote a sentence on Facebook: “The currency that is loose against the U.S. dollar, the most stable currency in 2022 is the U.S. dollar”! In fact, after the end of the gold standard, “dollars” are rarely used now, and dollars are used instead. However, it is already meaningful.

The correction of the last segment of each financial market is done by virtual currency. He mentioned that the recent collapse of Bitcoin, Ether, etc., Bitcoin fell from the highest of 68,993 US dollars to 25,430 US dollars, as the third largest stable currency TerraUSD It also tumbled. LUNA, which is linked to Terra, fell 99% in just a few days. The virtual currency fell to the ground, and its market value evaporated at least 800 billion US dollars. This decentralized virtual currency also fell in this anti-inflation killing.

He explained that what Du Yijin meant was that the rise of these coins turned out to be against the massive easing of the U.S. dollar, and in the end, the U.S. dollar was still the strongest. This phenomenon reminded him of Hegel’s dialectics he had read in East Asia, Feuerbach’s materialism, and Marx’s combination of these two thoughts, which became the core of “positive, negative, combined” in dialectical materialism. These philosophical thoughts got round and round, and finally came to a conclusion: the power always penetrates in the opposite direction, “Everyone is looking down on the dollar, and now the dollar is the strongest.”

He pointed out that such reverse forces are omnipresent, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and sanctions against Russia by various countries. It stands to reason that the ruble will collapse. As a result, the ruble has now become a strong currency, appreciating from 154.965 to 62. The ruble has become the currency that has appreciated the most since March. The reason is that Russia requires the use of rubles to buy oil and gas. The figures for April came out. China imported 222.5 billion US dollars in April, the same as March, but imported 8.89 billion US dollars from Russia, an increase of 56.61% over the same period last year. China is the biggest pusher to support the ruble.

He gave another example. Another opposing force is Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The biggest reason is to prevent NATO’s eastward expansion. Now Putin has become an important force for European unity. Sweden and Finland risk Russia to cut off oil, gas, and even nuclear attacks. Threats, all strongly expressed their willingness to join NATO. In the past, European countries, the EU, and NATO members each had their own abacus. “Now Putin unites everyone! This is also a reverse force!”

Xie Jinhe said bluntly that Taiwan’s economy has been doing well in recent years. In fact, the biggest driving force is Xi Jinping. He said, “Taiwan has become a powerful country in the world with the help of Xi Jinping! “

Reverse force!Xie Jinhe: Putin united Europe, Xi Jinping became the driving force of Taiwan’s economy

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