Review of the Corona pandemic and endemic diseases in the Medical Research Week in Jizan

A number of speakers, including doctors and researchers, participated in the sessions Medical Research Week 2022 Organized by the College of MedicineGazan University on his first day.

The first session was initiated by an assistant Minister of Health And the official spokesman for the ministry, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, spoke about the impact of scientific research on the Corona pandemic in the Kingdom and the success that was achieved thanks to the scientific research teams that worked by reading research and producing it to come out with the best medical decisions based on evidence, which helped overcome the pandemic and get out of it as soon as possible.

In turn, the Executive Director of Innovation and Knowledge Translation at the Saudi Health Research Authority, Dr. Sultan Al-Mubarak, spoke about the support opportunities provided, and the need to improve the work related to translating research and transferring it from theoretical research to practical programs that help improve human health and control diseases.

He touched on the research priorities given by the authority, which focus on mental health, infectious and emerging diseases, cancer sciences, and chronic diseases such as diabetes, pressure, and heart disease.

Endemic diseases

While Dr. Ibrahim Qasadi gave a presentation on some endemic, emerging and chronic diseases in the Jazan region and the extent of the challenges facing decision makers, as well as success stories and national efforts that enabled overcoming these diseases, in addition to the research questions that efforts should be directed to answering them.

Today’s sessions concluded with Dr. Abdullah Al-Qaisi’s talk about the Corona virus, which causes Covid 19 disease, and how it began, originated, and spread until it caused the pandemic.

He also talked about the national efforts that caused the virus to be controlled and to get out of the pandemic.

The students of the health colleges presented a number of diverse presentations that sought to link the outputs of research projects with community health needs, and highlighted the development of the organization and culture of scientific research in the health colleges, through which research experiences were presented to researchers of high scientific quality.

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