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The movie “Revue” revolves around Maryam, the director of photography, whose life is turned upside down after the death of her father, the great writer Hassan Fakhreddine. She returns home alone, enters her father’s writing room and stumbles upon his latest writing.

The story begins with the search for her father’s relationship with the band “Revo”, which was famous in the nineties.

The first members of the band to appear was Marwan (Sidqi Sakhr), a lover of calm and innocent music. The most prominent members of the band, Shadi (Amir Eid), the beloved and nervous musician, and “Al-Rawsh” and Yasmine (Sarah Abdel Rahman), Shadi’s former lover, followed.

The friendship between Marwan and Shadi begins when Shadi takes Marwan with him to the garage of his friend Maged George (Tamer Hashem), where he plays music with his friends for fun.

Shadi discovers Marwan’s skill in playing the piano and proposes him to join their band.

The story returns to Maryam (Rakeen Saad), who was carefully reading the text written by her late father, until she was shocked that the text told a real story that her parents intended to turn into a movie and negotiate with the director to complete the film that her father was working on before his death.

And the journey of searching for “Revo” begins, to gradually reveal their success story and the difficulties the band faced, in addition to Maryam’s relationship with “Revo”.

The music was supervised by Sari Hani, who entertained us during the ten episodes, with a variety of music between eastern and western, Fairuz and Elvis Presley, with the participation of the distinguished singer Amir Eid and playing the band “Revo” consisting of Sedky Sakhr, Tamer Hashem, and Mina Al-Najjar.

The series’ song, “I am a star”, met with shocking success on social media, especially Tik Tok and Instagram.

The viewership rate reached 2.1 million views in a period of time not exceeding three weeks.

The series “Revo” has taken a distinguished space in the artistic and media circles in the past weeks, despite the fact that it was shown exclusively on the watch it platform.

“Revo” is the first series directed by Yehia Ismail. He started his career as an director. In his first dramatic experiences, Ismail worked on highlighting the actors’ aspects in a professional manner and portraying the events of the nineties and the general atmosphere of the series brilliantly that pushes the viewer to attach in terms of colors and distinctive shots.

The gloomy character prevailed in the episodes, the colors were dim in the present and noisy in the nineties, due to the temporal and extrinsic necessities of the work.

Representatively, critics disagreed on the performance of Amir Eid, who is going through his acting experience for the second time. Some considered him to be still weak and in need of acting lessons, while others praised the clear improvement and similarity in the scenario between Amir and Shadi’s story, for example, the Cairoki band (the rock band The Egyptian, through which Amir Eid became famous), initially meets for rehearsals and plays in Amir’s house, and even the name of the band was spontaneously chosen by one of the members of “Cairoki”, as Shadi did in “Revo”. But the truth is that the role that Amir presented, he played with ease and spontaneity. Those who follow the band “Cairoki” know the difficulties faced by the members of this band, especially Amir, in addition to the fact that Amir’s character is strangely similar to Shadi, which formed a large part of the reasons for the success of the series.

Sidqi Sakher embodied the role of Marwan with high professionalism and added a kind of credibility to the work. His skill in performing this qualitative difference between Marwan’s character in the past and the present cannot go unnoticed, especially the scene of his meeting with Majed George and Abaza twenty years later.

The idea that the heroes of the work appeared at different age stages, time stages ranging from the past to the present, and varying psychological states that prompted the viewer to become attached to the elaborate work, despite the fact that the work did not depend on stars from the first row.

The writer of the work, Mohamed Nayer, is one of the brightest writers in Egypt, and as usual, he succeeded in suspending viewers in the series since the first episode, as the events were interconnected and interesting. We were also shocked in the last episode that the end is only the end of the first part of the work and the beginning of a long story starring the “Revo” band.

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