Rewinside and Unge: The Dark Side of Influencer Life and Mental Health Challenges in Gaming

2023-06-08 11:22:28

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After Unge’s reboot as Raik, fellow streamer Rewinside is deeply affected by his friend’s plight. He talks about the dark side of influencer life.

Cologne – Rewinside (Sebastian Meyer), or Rewi for short, has been on YouTube for a long time. With so much experience as an influencer, it hits him hard when Unge (Simon Wiefels) announces his reboot as Raik and talks about his diagnosed anxiety disorder, social phobia and depression. On Twitch, he loses words about his streamer colleague’s decision and life as influenza, which “constant fear“ was coined.

Rewinside on Unge’s reboot as Raik: ‘I feel like my worst friend’

What happened? Due to an anxiety disorder, social phobia and depression, Unge is now starting out again as V-Tuber Raik. As long-term influencers, Unge and Rewinside have known each other for a long time and are also friends outside of work. When he hears of Unge opening up to his fans about his illness, it breaks his heart not to have known about it sooner. “I feel like my worst friend‘ Rewi laments after watching a video of TJ on Twitch. You can find the excerpt from his stream here.

Rewinside explains that he and Unge have had a history of confiding in and supporting each other. The streamer himself has low phases in which he struggles with public pressure, but these phases are often over after a few days. “Simon is one of the kindest people I know. Also built me ​​up completely and stuff like that. I absolutely love this bro, honestly.

Rewinside on Unge and life as an influencer – depression is an “occupational disease” © Twitch: Rewinside, Raik (Montage)

Rewinside sheds light on the downside of streamer life – depression is an “occupational disease”

Not only Un: Confronted with Unge’s woes, Rewinside concludes that there is a deep-seated problem with being an influencer. He himself is “never like that man‘ for depression, but he is ‘meanwhile simply through the business“ become more prone to low phases. “I think a lot of creators can relate to that‘, Rewinside appreciates, emphasizing that he doesn’t want to downplay Unge’s problems.

It feels like an occupational disease

Being in the public eye presents challenges for Unge and Rewinside. Among thousands and thousands of fans there will always be some who can potentially cause damage. The streamer explains to his viewers that everything that glitters is not always gold.

From the outside everything always seems very relaxed, everything always very, very cool, everything always easy and everything always happy life like with us streamers and influencers. We make good money, we’re in the public eye, people ask for photos, this, that. But let me tell you, there’s still more headfucking involved than you’d imagine. Constant fear somehow that something might happen, that some crazy person stabs you – these are thoughts, they are there.

Even if the probability appears to be marginally small, there is a residual risk that Rewinside calls “constant fear” describes. When that fear extends to everyday social interactions, decisions like Simon Wiefels’ are more than understandable. MckyTV opened up about depression when one of his streamer friends fell ill – the words touched his fans.

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