Rezky Aditya finally opened his voice, said he had offered a DNA test, but Wenny Ariani asked for a breakup

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – After this long silence, partner Rezky Aditya and Kirana’s Image finally gave an explanation regarding the child confession lawsuit that was filed Wenny Ariani.

Explanation by Rezky Aditya and Kirana’s Image This was conveyed after the Banten High Court granted the appeal Wenny Ariani.

In its decision, the Banten High Court stated: Rezky Aditya is the biological father of the child Wenny Arianias long as Rezky cannot prove that the child is not his biological child.

In an explanation via a video uploaded to Ciky Citra Rezky’s Youtube account, Friday (27/5/2022), Rezky Aditya revealed the facts about the DNA test.

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According to Rezky, after he won over Wenny’s lawsuit at the Tangerang District Court, he actually voluntarily offered DNA tests to parties Wenny Ariani.

Rezky said that he offered the DNA test solely for the sake of humanity and to break any doubts about the status of his legal relationship with Wenny’s child, Naira.

“After the decision of my victory in the District Court (Tangerang) I immediately coordinated with the plaintiff (Wenny Ariani,-red) through my lawyer who informed me that I was willing to do a DNA test with Naira. I did all of this on the basis of humanity and also to break my doubts about my legal relationship with Naira,” said Rezky, who was accompanied by Citra Kirana, as quoted Tribunnews.comSaturday (28/5/2022).

Sinteron player Rezky Aditya finally opened his voice regarding his case with Wenny Ariani. (YouTube Citra Ciki Rezky)

However, said Rezky, the DNA test offer was not implemented to this day because the plaintiff, through his attorney, submitted another request.

“The DNA test process cannot be carried out because there is indeed another request from the plaintiff, which will be submitted in detail by my lawyer,” he said.

Rezky Aditya’s attorney, Anna Sofa Yuking, who was also present with Rezky confirmed that after winning the lawsuit at the Tangerang District Court, his party was contacted by Rezky to offer a DNA test.

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