Richard Lugner (91) is getting married for the sixth time

Baumeister Richard Liar (91) is getting married for the sixth time: As the master builder announced on Sunday, he and his partner Simone Reiländer will say yes to each other in a small circle on June 1, 2024. “It’s my last marriage,” said Lugner. Cathedral priest Toni Faber gives the church blessing after the civil wedding.

Liar Recently he had been traveling with different companions, all of whom were given different pet names. “But I always aimed for a long-term relationship,” says the builder.

He knows weddings Liar from: He married Christine Gmeiner for the first time in 1961. “She was my childhood sweetheart.” The couple separated after 17 years. In 1979 he married again. But this connection only lasted four years. “Cornelia (Hahn, note.) the then OPEC Secretary General told me.”

Marriage number three to Susanne Dietrich followed in 1984. The relationship ended tragically: in 1984, shortly after the divorce, Dietrich fell into a coma after cosmetic surgery and died. With Christina “Mausi” Liar followed by the builder’s most well-known partner. The couple married in 1991 and hit the society stage together for years. But this relationship also ended in 2007.

Married on September 13, 2014 Liar German playmate Cathy Schmitz at a fifth wedding staged as a media spectacle in Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace. This was over again after just two years. “That was a flop. Apart from Simone, I only loved Christine and Christina,” said the builder.


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