RIMHE: Interdisciplinary Journal Management, Man & Business – Number 2023/1 – No. 50, Vol. 12 – System, network and interdependence

2023-05-08 22:00:00
Page 2: Dominique Besson, Martine Brasseur and Fabien Moreau – The transformation of interdependent relationships in organizations: the future will be complex. | Page 3 to 22: Damien Richard, Grégoire Vitry and Audrey Becuwe – What perceived efficiency of the Palo Alto School’s systemic intervention approach for resolving occupational health issues? | Page 23 to 43: Aysylu Valitova – Towards the construction of a grid for the analysis of interpersonal conflicts within organizations: a case study under the prism of the theories of the Palo Alto School. | Page 44 to 65: Nikolaz Le Vaillant and Marc Dumas – The transformation of the role of managers by digital platforms for well-being at work in a telework context. | Page 66 to 94: Julien Cusin and Vincent Maymo – Building trust: the case of a banker entering into a relationship with an entrepreneur who has suffered a liquidation. | Page 95 to 104: Brigitte Pereira – Evaluation of employees and changes to the employment contract | Page 105 to 116: Sylvie Michel, Sylvie Gerbaix and Marc Bidan – Ethical questioning of algorithmic systems. | Pages 117 to 128: Anne-Laure Delaunay – The use of digital tools in a large transport group: subsidiarity authorisation.
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