Riquelme, Boca Elections, and All the Latest News – November 29, 2023

2023-11-29 16:01:54

11/29/2023 1:01 p.m. Updated on 11/29/2023 4:02 p.m.

They dropped the bombs on Boca. After a chaotic Tuesday with the ruling of Justice and the suspension of the elections on Sunday the 3rd, the two candidates spoke about the issue in the midst of a tense atmosphere. First was the formula Andrés Ibarra and Mauricio Macri. And then she spoke Juan roman riquelme at a conference in La Bombonera and with a flag in the middle. Even on the 10th she followed her until the early hours of the morning talking about the subject. How does this continue? Find out all the information about Xeneize this Wednesday, November 29…

The elections in Boca, Riquelme – Macri and more news…

29/11/2023, 11:53

Viral video: the story of the ghost they discovered in the Bombonera in the middle of the interview with Riquelme

It was not a normal Tuesday in Boca. Everything on the contrary. Even the word of Juan Román Riquelme was present again when the clock struck 1.30am. However, an unusual event happened while waiting for the word from number 10 that caught the attention of the fans. And in the middle of an interview at El Loco y el Cuerdo, a… ghost appeared! in the Bombonera. Look!

29/11/2023, 11:53

What Riquelme said about Boca not qualifying for Libertadores 2024

In the last hours, the voice of Juan Román Riquelme was one of the most listened to in the Boca World. Among the many issues that happened around the club (the intervention of the judge and suspension of the elections, the 9th of Qatar, response to Macri’s statements), the absence in the 2024 Copa Libertadores seemed to remain in the background. Despite being a very big blow at the end of this year. But in the midst of a hot climate due to the elections, JR also gave his feelings on this issue. Read more.

29/11/2023, 11:24

Riquelme: the example of Messi, Maradona’s defense and comparison of Gallardo with Bianchi

The internal situation of the Boca elections was, logically, the topic most addressed by Juan Román Riquelme during his extensive early morning article in El Loco y el Cuerdo. However, the vice xeneize also left a medley of definitions, which included the golden eras, the final against Real Madrid in Tokyo, his time at Villarreal and some names of his own, among which Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona and also Marcelo stood out. Gallant. Read more.

29/11/2023, 10:51

The future of Boca according to Riquelme: Thiago Almada, Redondo and the next coach

Not everything was elections, not all were bombs for the opposition led by the “man” or “the lord”, as Juan Román Riquelme refers to Mauricio Macri. At the same time that he fights in the electoral campaign and returns the attacks with increasingly heavier ammunition, the current vice president made room to leave some tips about the election of the next coach, players he likes and more current issues in Boca . Read more.

29/11/2023, 9:40

Video: Riquelme left the note with Azzaro so as not to get emotional live

After a very eventful day in Boca, which started early with the suspension of the elections and continued with crossed statements between the two lists running for the presidency, Tuesday ended with a note to Juan Román Riquelme that lasted until dawn. . In the middle of Bombonera, the vice xeneize was interviewed for the YouTube program “El Loco y el Cuerdo” and, beyond what he said about Macri and the opposition campaign, there was a particular moment in which JRR almost broke . Read more.

29/11/2023, 9:39

Three hours in the morning with Riquelme at La Bombonera: “The power is that people love you”

The announcement of Juan Román Riquelme’s presence on the YouTube program “El Loco y el Cuerdo” was scheduled for 10 p.m. Those who do not know the routine of Flavio Azzaro and Andrés Ducatenzeiler’s interview nights may have been surprised to notice that the minutes turned into hours and there were no more indications of Román’s arrival than the fact that he was making the delivery from the lawn of the Candy box. Read more.

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