River Squad Rumors: Pity Martínez and Nacho Fernández Speak Out | Exclusive ESPN Interviews

2023-09-06 06:08:32

Gonzalo ‘Pity’ Martínez referred to the rumors of a possible break in Martín Demichelis’s relationship with the River squad and spoke live to Gustavo Yarroch, a sports journalist who covers the ‘millionaire’ on ESPN. Within the framework of the 10th annual solidarity dinner held by the club’s foundation, the former Huracán bothered those who were covering the event with his unexpected phrase.

Martínez spoke with Gustavo López, Luciana Rubinska and Leonardo Astrada during dinner and crossed paths with Gustavo Yarroch, who seconds before had referred to the injury that has afflicted the footballer since the beginning of the year. “I would tell you that in about 35 or 40 days, Demichelis will have it available,” said the journalist. “Can I say something without being offended?” The ‘millionaire’ player asked the interviewers.

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The midfielder pointed at the journalist who covers the club. (Video: ESPN)

“He’s talking about more… a lot of Gustavo,” said the ‘Pity’. “Dinner is spicy,” López said, visibly uncomfortable with the player’s phrase. “Yarroch freaked out,” Rubinska said with a laugh. “I’m telling you honestly… I didn’t know he was a doctor too,” concluded the former Al Nassr player from Saudi Arabia.

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Nacho Fernández referred to the bad moment of the ‘millionaire’

The River of Martín Demichelis is going through one of its most critical moments. Núñez’s team was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores against Inter de Porto Alegre in the round of 16 and lost the two away games they played in the League Cup, where they only have one win. This week rumors arose of a break in the coach-team relationship and Nacho Fernández spoke with ESPN about the situation of the ‘millionaire’.

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The hitch spoke about River’s present. (Video: ESPN)

As part of the River Foundation’s 10th annual charity dinner, the midfielder was asked about how the dressing room is with the hard ‘blows’ the club has received in recent weeks. “We are going through a difficult time but not to make much drama either,” he replied. “Two games were lost, the last one with Vélez that was not played well, but these are things that must be corrected during the week,” he added.

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“The group is fine, it is united, so we are going to push it forward. You have to work to move this forward, ”said the hitch. Luciana Rubinska asked him about the rumors that circulated this week and ‘Nacho’ replied: “Not to bother me, but you have to be calm. As a group, we have to be calm with what is said outside because we know that many times things are said that are not true. You have to work indoors, which is what corresponds”.

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