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Since day one, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has placed peace at the top of the priorities for resolving the crisis in Yemen, put forward a series of serious initiatives, embraced the internationally recognized legitimate government in Yemen, and supported all directions aimed at stopping the fighting in this neighboring country, preserving the lives of the Yemeni brothers, and paying To launch a development movement that the country deserves. And all this comes in light of the broader activity of Saudi Arabia to achieve peace, stability and prosperity in the entire region.
Riyadh has not been late for any project that aims to reach these results that benefit the region and give it the necessary opportunities to rise again. On the Yemeni level, understandings and calm were preferred over anything else. It encouraged every step towards peace, stopping bloodshed, and securing a decent life for the brotherly Yemeni people. It is an old Saudi policy and a renewed strategy that remains the main focus of the Saudi political orientation at all times.
In the context of supporting the recent positive developments in the region as a whole, and working on more of these developments, the visit of the Saudi ambassador to the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, comes in a step that translates the general Saudi approach. The Kingdom gives the opportunity once again to all Yemeni components to benefit from the current positive situation, and work to support it for the interest of these components in the first place. It also pushes for a just settlement that guarantees a positive atmosphere for a new start towards the prospects of construction and development in all of Yemen. There are no limits to Saudi efforts in this field, but on condition that the desired goals are achieved in the interest of everyone and the region, and that the concerned parties proceed on the path of peace without looking back. Every step forward is part of the hoped-for gains.
This trend comes in light of Saudi Arabia’s continued support for the Leadership Council, and the consensus it represents for the active and influential components in the arena. This council is an important and essential part of the comprehensive political solution to the crisis in Yemen. It will also carry out the tasks of managing the country politically, militarily and in security during the transitional phase, which will lead to a phase of political stability and the launch of the wheel of development and construction in the whole country. Of course, the Kingdom is pushing for a comprehensive settlement, and this means that the southern issue will be at the heart of any future solution, and an essential part of the well-known political settlement stages. A partial settlement has no place in the general movement that is strongly supported by Riyadh, and the solution must include all the differences on the ground.
Hence, Saudi Arabia’s renewed efforts to end the Yemeni crisis, by strongly supporting, of course, the initiative it launched in 2021. It is an initiative that can be built upon, bringing together all parties, and giving them opportunities to work towards a comprehensive and lasting political solution. It also specifically gave the Houthis the opportunity to stop the bloodshed and reason, and to address the worsening humanitarian and economic conditions in Yemen. The Saudi concern was, and still is, a cease-fire, and paving the way for rapid political action, in order to reach the ends that are ultimately in the interest of the brothers in Yemen of all their sects. The Saudi delegation, which visited Sana’a, had the first goal of stabilizing the armistice, and this is the first step for any political solution after that.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did not stop support for the brothers in Yemen under all circumstances. Today, it will continue to support it strongly in all humanitarian, social and economic fields. This is what supports peace, security, and stability in the country, and provides the required atmosphere for development projects that this country needs in the stage of stability, security, and peace.

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