Rizki DA Reveals Divorce, Nadya Mustika Shows Selfie With Boys

Nadya Mustika, wife of Rizky Dangdut D’Academy (Source: Instagram)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Dangdut singer Rizky DA admitted that he had divorced his wife at the request of Nadya Mustika’s parents. At that time, the age of their marriage was only one month.

After Rizky DA’s statement caused a stir, Nadya Mustika chose to remain silent.

On the other hand, Nadya recently showed her activities making video calls and selfie with the man called the Imam.

In addition, the man was also seen holding Nadya Mustika’s child with Rizky DA.

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Jd pious child, qi,” wrote the account @muhammadimambukhori.

“Amen, yarobbal alamin, thank you very much, priest udh tengokin suspicion, “Nadya replied while adding a heart emoji.


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