Robert Williams III sends 10 rebounds and 4 blocks: that’s what being dominant is

He was one of the key elements in the Celtics’ victory tonight. Robert Williams III pulled out all the stops to allow his family to take an oh so important success at home. Dominating the rebound, very dissuasive on the drives, the Warriors could never get out of his suffocating embrace.

His Game 2 was a long slump. We looked for him, huh, but never found him. Dominated, not at the top physically and taken by the infernal rhythm dictated by Golden State in its lair, the giant of Boston was unfortunately never able to enter the game. When you hand control of the racquet to a team that is already at home wide, things are unlikely to turn out in your favor. Tonight it was different. It is even authorized to speak of two diametrically opposed faces. In the oven and in the mill defensively, nothing was made easy for Steve Kerr’s men when it came to approaching the circle. Why ? Because Robert was still marauding in your area. Want to go to the cart? Big tape, and we’re not talking about the tape used to hang a sheet on the wall, no, we’re thinking more of the brown roll that you find in the garage of any self-respecting handyman. Ask Stephen Curry what it cost him to want to challenge the relaxation of the pivot of the C’s. Eight points, ten rebounds, four blocks and three steals…that’s boss defense. In the ten balls recovered, three were during an offensive sequence, and these second chances offered to the friends counted for a lot in the overall exhaustion of the Warriors.

When he plays like that, Robert Williams third name is one of those players who can completely change the face of a basketball game. And it’s even stronger when you know that he has to grit his teeth because of a knee that hurts. It is therefore essential for Ime Udoka to put his grand dadet in the best conditions so that he can get his hands on the game. How was it organized tonight? Sometimes taking advantage in the first half of a very crumbly defensive zone, the Celtics were able to stretch the game as much as possible across the width of the field and moved the ball well. The consequence ? Fairly long and incessant trips for the Warriors, who favored the defense of the exteriors to try to extinguish the fire caused by Jaylen Brown. In the painting, the highway naturally opened up for Rob’, who was often able to take advantage of the Warriors’ delay to recover balls and score points. Not particularly terrified by the heat waves in California, the pivot therefore – unlike Game 2 – never let the rhythm of the game prevail. Add a TD Garden completely committed to his cause, and you get a man transcended by the desire to bring to his group. Sum it all up in one sentence? Al Horford did it for you after the game, comments reported by Jay King of The Athletic.

“He’s a game changer. Robert is truly a game changer”

– Al Horford

Robert Williams III’s imperial match tonight, the kind that gives you a big smile to a whole group. It is now necessary to avoid at all costs to find a hole on Friday evening, because the Celtics are not quite the same team when their giant does not respond.

Source : Statmuse / The Athletic

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