Robot SRPG “Successor Relayer” PS5 / PS4 trial version open to download “Relayer” on February 26

Cloud Leopard Entertainment Co., Ltd. announced today that the new robot SRPG game “successor(Relayer)” (PlayStation 5/ PlayStation 4) will be available on the PlayStation Store in all regions except Japan from 0:00 am (local time) on February 26, 2022 (Sat), which can be played up to the seventh episode of the main story. “successor Trial Version”.

successor Trial Version”

exist”successor In the “Experience Edition”, you can experience the main story (until the 7th episode), the battle simulator (12 levels in total), the star cube (cultivation character system), the store, and the in-game menu elements of the ship.

In addition, the saved data created in the trial version can also be inherited to “successor》 used in the production version, as long as you inherit the saved data, you can continue to play the story after Chapter 8.

※ The upper limit of the unit level of the trial version is 30.

※ The trial version does not support the trophy function.

※ The saved data created in the PS4 trial version can be carried over to the PS5 full-scale version.

successor》Game Introduction

successor“Depicting the human “Children of the Stars” who have awakened special abilities to fight against the alien life forms that invaded the earth”successor“The story is a new-generation robot SRPG with a sophisticated sci-fi world setting. The battle system of this work is centered on the “robot type”, “occupation” that symbolizes the characteristics of the unit, and the “hatred value” that visualizes the degree of easy focus of the enemy, realizing a high degree of freedom and high strategic SRPG mechanism . In addition, special attacks such as the wide-range nirvana “Big Bang” and the flanking “backstab”, animations and level maps presented with exquisite 3D models are also worth seeing.

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The stage of this work is the future in which human beings begin to formally set foot in outer space—the earth in the year 2051 of the ephemeris.successorinvasion of mysterious alien lifeforms. At the same time, a group of “Children of the Stars” with special abilities also appeared, as well as a new type of humanoid weapon “Star Machine Suit” made after analyzing the technology of ancient galactic civilization, and the supergravity sailing experimental ship “Star Cluster” that can navigate between stars. ship”.The player must command this force and try to counteract thesuccessor

product Overview

  • product name:successor(Relay)

  • Game Type: Strategy RPG

  • Supported platform: PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4

  • Release date: Expected to be released on March 24, 2022 (Thursday)

  • Game Price:[Normal Edition/Digital Edition]HK$ 468 / NT$ 1,690 / KRW 68,800
    【Digital Deluxe Edition】HK$ 585 / NT$ 2,090 / KRW 85,800

  • Number of players: 1 person

  • Game Rating: 12+

  • Game Voice: Japanese/English

  • Game subtitles: Traditional Chinese/Korean/English/Japanese
    ※”French/Italian/German/Spanish” is expected to be available as an update in the future


  • Publisher: Cloud Leopard Entertainment Co., Ltd.

  • Official website:

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