Rodrigo Sepúlveda Breaks Down in Tears After Violent Assault: Catalán Eggs Robbery in Santiago Center

2024-04-24 03:27:53

Affected to tears he reacted Rodrigo Sepulvedadriver Meganoticias Alertwhen they reported the assault on merchants he knew in person.

It was a brazen and violent robbery that affected the store Catalan Eggsin Santiago Centermidnight yesterday Monday.

Four subjects, with their faces uncovered, entered the premises to intimidate both workers and customers and began taking a large amount of merchandise. They didn’t care that there were cameras and even turned on the light in the room to see better..

The stolen species were valued at about 3 million pesos.

Rodrigo Sepúlveda cries on screen due to assault in Santiago

Sepúlveda couldn’t believe it. “I am very sad, dude. I am very fond of him…“, he managed to say El Sepu and his voice broke.

“I just know the sacrifice they have, cachai? So this kills me, it kills me and I don’t know what to do anymore.”, he added through tears.

“There is sacrifice, there is effort, there is family work… these people come in and steal everything they want, everything doesn’t matter to them. And here there is so much love for what they do… I am undone. This hit me a lot”, he continued to lament.

A tremendous amount of rage, dude. Tremendous (…) Chile is a no man’s land. I am very flat, bored, disappointed, very sorry,” she unloaded, before closing abruptly and going to a commercial break.


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