Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Lewandowski are chasing their last chance to participate in the World Cup

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Posted on: Monday, March 28, 2022 – 5:32 PM | Last update: Monday, March 28, 2022 – 5:48 PM

From supposed at Habit that Participate Highlight stars ball foot at Larger championship for the game, Which Cup the scientist, but things no going On this grammar at Some sometimes.

all four years Faces Group From stars eminent disappointment Amal absence About Cup the scientist, ومنهم From belong countries no enjoyprestige History big at the game.

وهناك number big From stars grown ups Whose did not enjoy by chance Share at any Once at finals Cup the scientist, ومنهم Alfredode Stefano Again jiggs and george twenty and Eric cantona, Whose give rallies amazing لكنها did not Includes Share atWorld Cup.

وحصل stars current, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo والسويدي Zlatan Ibrahimovic والبلندي Robertlewandowski, On opportunity Share at Copied precedent From Cup the scientist, لكنهم chasing right Now What Prepare the opportunity Last للمشاركةagain at world cup, Due for their age.

Break All From Ibrahimovic And Lewandowski certainly march amazing On level Clubs وكذلك On the level international,And they achieved nicknames وال .رقام standard.

ويتربع Lewandowski On forefront existing stars Poland From where number Posts International (128 match) Promise Objectives Withelect, where register 74 goal as top Ibrahimovic existing Highlight scorer Sweden with a score 62 goal With elect.

but what who are they did not achieve Even right Now Success Great at Cup the scientist.

like that did not not elected Sweden وبولندا within Candidates Strongly On nicknames big, has Participate All From the two stars at Cup the scientistOnce one.

was Ibrahimovic within existing elect Swedish that Arrive to me far the six ten at Cup the scientist 2006 ، While ParticipateLewandowski With elect Polish at Mondial 2018 Prussia.

and will be Ibrahimovic, return to me elect at March 2021 ، at the 41 years From his age when Starting finals Cup the scientist2022 at Diameter.

As for lewandowski, will be his age 34 years at Mondial Diameter, وبالتالي no maybe exclusion Share it at Mondial 2026 in the form of big, but may be He is Mondial Diameter he is the opportunity Last about for him also.

but sharing Ibrahimovic And Lewandowski together at Mondial Diameter it will be impossible, where will wrestle the two elected Witheach other some On Card qualifying للنهائيات Across face them tomorrow Tuesday at Final Supplement European.

As for Cristiano Ronaldo, looking forward to me Share at World Cup للمرة Fifth at his career.

وشارك Ronaldo first Once at World Cup at Copy 2006 Which erected at Germany has achieved elect Portuguese Center the fourththen لكنه did not succeed at Rape far the six ten at three Copied Then.

Lamb that Ronaldo ascend platform coronation With elect Portuguese at Cup Nations European (euro 2016 no still the starPortuguese looking forward to me to improve Record Across Cup the scientist.

but elect need to me Rape obstacle Macedonia North at confrontation assessed between them tomorrow Tuesday From Yes qualifying for the World CupDiameter.

ويد elect Portuguese filter the most luck at match tomorrow, but no maybe Credit confrontation settled Especially after surpriseWhich blew it up selected Macedonia North overthrowing choose Italia a hero Europe From role before Final for appendix European.

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