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2023-07-04 20:00:47

[Canadian Metropolitan Network]The 60-year-old “big beauty” Rosamund Kwan has a frozen age beauty and a perfect figure. Even though she has faded out of the screen for many years, she is still the goddess in the hearts of many movie fans. Unfortunately, she seldom updates social media before. If you see her beauty, you have to share it with her friends through her friends, or wait for netizens to meet her by chance. Fortunately, she has opened TikTok in recent years, and from time to time, she makes videos to comfort fans. In a recent video she made, netizens did not focus on her appearance, but kept looking at other parts.

Guan Zhilin has often interacted with netizens through social media recently. In a recent video, she was seen wearing a beige long-shirt with a simple white T-shirt and jeans inside. The simple dress is already very goddess-like. Holding a glass of wine in her hand, she talked to the man behind the camera. The other party first said: “Everything is going well”, and she responded: “Be healthy”, and then the man boldly said: “I like you!” The sudden confession Guan Zhilin was a little overwhelmed, she stayed for half a second and then smiled coquettishly, raised her glass slowly and smiled back: “Long live friendship”, then slowly looked into the distance, defusing embarrassment skillfully.

Netizens praised her for her well-maintained makeup, which shows no signs of age at all, and also praised her for her exquisite makeup, which looks elegant and generous, retaining a calm and luxurious temperament, making people admire the goddess’s still demeanor, and her charm has not diminished. Unexpectedly, someone misunderstood the point and hurriedly pointed out, “Quickly look down.” It turned out that Guan Zhilin, who was sitting cross-legged on a chair with one leg, was suspected to have disappeared, and the zipper of her jeans was suspected to be loose or not closed. Its team was too careless, “This video is posted like this”? However, more netizens disagreed, thinking that it was just a trivial matter and there was no need to make a fuss. Some people analyzed that it might be because of the influence of Guan Zhilin’s sitting posture. Ye You pointed out that fans were just kindly reminding, hoping that the goddess can always maintain a perfect image.

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