Rothenburg LU – food truck explodes – employee is critically injured


Two people were injured in a fire in a food truck in Rothenburg. One person was flown to hospital by helicopter with life-threatening injuries.


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A food truck burned near Rothenburg on Thursday afternoon.


One person was life-threateningly injured and was flown to the hospital by helicopter.

One person was life-threateningly injured and was flown to the hospital by helicopter.


The picture shows the fire in the food truck.

The picture shows the fire in the food truck.


  • Fire broke out in a food truck in Rothenburg on Thursday.

  • Two people were injured in the process. One of them life threatening.

  • The fire has now been extinguished.

On the Stationsstrasse in Rothenburg there was a gas deflagration in a food truck on Thursday afternoon at 12.15 p.m. for reasons that are still unexplained. This deflagration led to a fire that completely destroyed the food truck, as the Lucerne police announced on Thursday.

Two people were injured in the fire. A 54-year-old woman with life-threatening injuries had to be flown to a hospital by a Rega rescue helicopter, another woman (43) was transferred to a hospital by an ambulance. The two injured people are employees of the food truck.

Two explosions could be heard and parts of the pneumatic flew through the air

An eyewitness who works near the scene of the accident says that he does not know the two injured employees. This although he has already shopped there. He says: “The food truck is only stationed about once or twice a week in Rothenburg at the Landi gas station.” Quickly prepared meals such as hamburgers, French fries or sausages are offered. When the eyewitness and his colleague arrived on site this afternoon, the food truck was already in full fire. “We heard two explosions and parts of the tires flew through the air.”

The operators of the food truck have closed bistro due to holidays

The operator of the food truck could not be reached by phone on Thursday. Your bistro is closed for holidays. The website shows that the food truck stops at different locations around lunchtime. The locations and days of the week do not seem to be up to date. Because according to the website, the car should be in Rothenburg on Monday. The couple seem to be devoted to gastronomy. In addition to running the food truck and bistro, the young couple also offers cooking courses and the man can be booked as a sturgeon cook.

In the meantime, specialists from the Lucerne police have started investigations into the cause of the fire. In addition to the rescue services, the Rothenburg fire brigade was in action. The Lucerne police asks people who have filmed or photographed the outbreak of fire to report to the Lucerne police on 041 248 81 17.

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