“Royal Knights” series new work? Knights Royale: Rebirth appears on the North American PS Store – Bahamut

SQUARE ENIX’s classic simulation role-playing game “Royal Knights” series is expected to launch a new work. Sharp-eyed foreign players found that,PlayStation Store North America pageThe product page of “Royal Knights: Rebirth (Tactics Ogre: Reborn)” appeared on the website, but there was no further information such as platform and launch date.

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SQUARE ENIX was found to have registered the trademark of “Tactics Ogre: Reborn” at the end of March this year. Now that the game name appears in the North American version of the PlayStation Store, it may represent the official announcement of the relevant news.

The story script and world view of “Royal Knights” come from the original game producer Yasushi Matsuno’s own novel.Royal Knights 2: Wheel of Fortune(タクティクスオウガ Wheel of Fate)”, this work is the original SFC classic simulation role-playing game “Royal Knights 2“The remake version, the original team rebuilt with the PSP standard, inherited the original world view and story plot, greatly enhanced the content and system, and added new elements such as new plots and new characters.

As for “Royal Knights: Rebirth”, there are currently only art pictures, and the actual game content is still to be officially announced.

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