Rubio’s Decision to Pause Basketball Career for Mental Health Concerns

2023-08-05 16:05:50

Rubio decided to put his professional basketball career on hold. (Associated Press file photo)

The 32-year-old former “Spanish Golden Boy” Rubio suddenly issued a statement on the 6th, “I have decided to suspend my professional basketball career to take care of my mental health problems. I would like to thank all the support from the Spanish men’s basketball team. , I can understand my decision.” It means that not only will he not participate in the World Cup men’s basketball game, but he may not return to the NBA for the time being.

“Family means more to me today, thank you,” Rubio said. “I would like to ask that my privacy be respected so that I can face the next moments and when the time is right, I will share with you.” Tell me more information.”

Rubio was selected by the Timberwolves with the 5th pick in 2009, but he honed in Europe until 2011 before reporting to the Timberwolves to play. After that, he played for the Jazz, Suns, Cavaliers and other teams. He only played 33 games for the Cavaliers last season. , averaged 5.2 points, 3.5 assists and 2.1 rebounds, all hitting career lows in a single season. Currently, he still has a two-year, $12.5 million contract with the Cavaliers.

It’s just that as he suffered from a knee injury last season and gradually lost playing time, Rubio has already spread rumors that he wants to retire early. Now he uses mental health problems as an excuse to suspend his professional basketball career. Returning to the Cavaliers to play out the last two years of his contract? I’m afraid it will be full of variables.

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