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A new report from Video Game Chronicle finally tells us more about Resident Evil 8. The last major title of the franchise was released on January 24, 2017. The eighth episode would be a real new beginning.

According to the report published by our colleagues, Resident Evil 8 would revert to a first-person view, as was its predecessor. Recently, the Resident Evil 2 & 3 remakes had somewhat abandoned the FPS vision. His return would mean a desire for greater immersion for the player, and a potential episode declined in virtual reality. There are reports that new mechanisms will be introduced. Little details have been provided on this subject. However, he argues that many themes will be addressed for the first time, or at least in more detail: this is the case of occultism, hallucinations, madness or even the lack of confidence in others. The developers would like to consider “darker” departures for the player at the start of the game. We can give some credit to this source, since it seems that it involves people who have tested the game.

“It is in the first person, and many purists will hate it because it takes serious deviations from history, enemies and so on. Hallucinations, occultism, madness and not being able to trust others are the big themes of the game. ”

We also know other very crisp details. First, Ethan Winters, the protagonist of Resident Evil 7 would be back. It’s a safe bet that the universe looks more like a Resident Evil 7, but also Resident Evil 4, than in the last episodes of the franchise. Finally, the title would come out on current consoles, but also on the next generation, Xbox Series X and PS5, without forgetting the PC. A first release date for the year 2021 is advanced! If this is confirmed, Resident Evil 8 would be the third title of the license in three years.

If this information is correct, we may know more about the future of Resident Evil by the end of the month. As Resident Evil 7 was launched in 2017, a new game next year is quite plausible.


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