Rumors send Brock Boeser and / or JT Miller to different skies

The Canadian is 5-13-2. When a club is doing this badly, it’s normal to see rumors, speculation and assumptions multiply. Even in November, at three four month of the transaction deadline …

Yesterday, Louis Jean had fun suggesting to the (next?) Canadian GM two names for next summer (via the free agent market): Nazem Kadri, fourth best scorer in the NHL this morning, and Claude Giroux, top scorer in the Flyers now.

The Canucks may have a (barely) better record than that of the CH (6-11-2), they are not immune to a thousand and one rumors either. Leaving aside the 24-team playoffs of the COVID season, the Canucks did not make the playoffs since 2015. And they haven’t won a single round since their loss in the Stanley Cup Final to the Bruins in 2011.

Need I remind you that DG Jim Benning has been in post since May 2014 there?

Anger of the supporters… management asking the media to be less negative towards the team… the fact that the team have only won 29 of their last 75 games weighs heavily in Vancouver.

On wants calls for change in British Columbia, whether it’s in the workforce, behind the bench or in the office. And since Benning and Travis Green seem to have as many lives as a cat, these changes are likely to happen in the locker room first and foremost.

According to Rob Simpson of the site, Benning would have placed the name of Brock Boeser on the trading market. Teams have even reportedly started calling the Canucks to discuss his services.

According to Ben Kuzma, hockey columnist for the Vancouver Sun (The Province), the Wild would have contacted the Canucks to find out the price to pay to get their hands on JT Miller. The name of young Kevin Fiala would have even been part of the discussions between the Canucks and the Wild

Michael Russo, a reporter for the Wild’s activities, said an offer involving Miller, Fiala, one or more draft picks and one “Hope for the late” like Jordan Greenway would even be on the table. And everything seems to indicate that it is the Wild who would have made this offer

Could JT Miller, a player who made several Canadiens fans salivate last summer, really be leaving Vancouver because of the team’s poor start to the season?

Boeser is 24 years old. He is a 6’1 right winger and weighs almost 210 pounds. He was selected 23rd overall in 2015 and is currently used on the Canucks’ third line (despite the team’s struggles). He has collected eight points in 16 games since the start of the campaign. He currently earns an average annual salary of $ 5.875 million and he will be eligible for restricted autonomy (and arbitration) next summer.

JT Millier is 28 years old. He is 6’1, weighs 218 pounds and he is a left-handed center. He was selected in 15th place overall by the Rangers in 2011, before wearing the colors of the Lightning, then the Canucks. He has collected 19 points in 19 games since the start of the season, the highest total for a player from the ‘Nucks (ahead of Conor Garland, 14 points). He earns an average annual salary of $ 5.25 million for yet another full season (UFA). If he leaves Vancouver, it is because the organization has decided to clean up and rebuild (with another CEO?). As long as they want short-term success, the Canucks will keep Miller’s services. That’s it.

Miller’s agent also insisted on go out publicly to say the Canucks haven’t spoken to him about any trade opportunity recently. We can therefore assume that Miller did not ask to be traded either …

Boeser’s agent was a little less sharp, him …

If ever Boeser or Miller actually leaves Vancouver in the coming weeks, I hope that Marc Bergevin (or his successor) will have tried hard to acquire it. Both Boeser and Miller would make CH a much better team. Especially Miller, who would solve several problems at the center …

However now, the Canadian is much closer to cleaning than buying the stuff put on sale during the cleaning of another team …

A lot of

– Who’s telling the truth? I tend not to believe François Legault on this one …

– The Spanish Carey Price… LOL!

– Getting an extra dose of vaccine is a personal decision in NHL. For now at least …

– Jordan Harris is reportedly the best defenseman in the United States (at college level) right now.

– The Lions will be in action tonight in Trois-Rivières.

– I am not interested in digital currency like this. And you?

– Bob Bradley in Toronto, it’s confirmed.

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