Russia attacked Chernihiv. Explosions in the city, destroyed buildings

On Wednesday morning, Ukrainian authorities warned against Russian airstrikes in many regions; Russian missiles were detected, among others. in the Chernihiv and Kiev regions – reports “Ukrainska Pravda”.

Shortly after 9 (7 a.m. Polish time) in Chernihiv, a city with almost 300,000 inhabitants three explosions rang out. The Russians attacked densely populated area of ​​Chernihiv.

Rockets hit Chernihiv. Destroyed buildings, power outage

Buildings, many cars, social and urban infrastructure were damaged.

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One of the rockets hit a social infrastructure building directly – eight-story building. “The elements of the walls from the third to the sixth floor and the extension were destroyed,” the acting official reported on social media. mayor of the city Oleksandr Lomako.

He added that according to preliminary data, 16 houses were damaged, most of them had their windows broken by the impact.

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According to “Ukrainska Pravda”, the local hospital was damageddozens of cars that were near the site of the attack and one of the buildings of the university were destroyed.

At around 5 p.m. local time, the services plan to restore power supplies.

Russian attack on Chernihiv. The number of victims is increasing and rescue operations are underway

“By 10:40 a.m. (8:40 a.m. Polish time), eight people have already been killed and 18 injured as a result of Russian missile attacks on Chernihiv. The search and rescue operation is ongoing,” Lomako said.

Later president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky reported that the death toll had increased up to 10 and up to 20 people injured.

“Number of deaths increased to 14 and over 60 people were injured in different ways. There are three children among them. Several dozen people were taken to hospital,” he said in the afternoon Andriy Podorwanadvisor to the head of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration.

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The Chernihiv Regional Blood Donation Center announced the emergency blood demand. According to a doctor quoted by “Ukrainska Pravda”, the victims suffered from explosion wounds, craniocerebral injuries, chest injuries and damage to the vascular system of the limbs.

After hours At 10 local time, air raid sirens were canceled in most Ukrainian regions.

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