“Russian Security Council’s Deputy Chief Proposes Dividing Ukraine Between Russia and EU: Analysis and Reactions”

2023-05-27 08:32:26

With this proposal, Dmitri Medvedev caused a stir and shook his head. On Friday night, the deputy chief of the Russian Security Council outlined scenarios for the outcome of the war against Ukraine. In his preferred variant, Ukraine would be divided between Russia and the European Union. Western regions of the invaded country should therefore be added to several EU countries and the eastern ones to Russia. The people in the central areas would vote for joining Russia, he said. With this outcome, “the conflict will end with sufficient guarantees that it will not resume in the long term,” Medvedev wrote on the Telegram online service.

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Gerhard Mangott, Professor of International Relations at the University of Innsbruck, cannot gain anything from the statements of the Russian ex-president. He said to the editorial network Germany (RND): “I thought quite openly that the best ideas are not born from alcohol. Medvedev obviously has an alcohol problem.”

Medvedev calls for Ukraine to be partitioned between Russia and the EU

For a possible peace scenario between Russia and Ukraine, the Kremlin declares its desired solution.

Therefore, one should not pay too much attention to him, although formally he actually holds the office of Deputy Chairman of the Security Council. Medvedev has been “a warmonger since the beginning of the war, but his influence on the decision-making process in this war is relatively small,” Mangott continued. The 56-year-old is certain: “With this proposal to divide Ukraine between the European Union and Russia, he wants to serve this Kremlin narrative that Ukraine actually does not exist as a state and instead has always been part of other states.”

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Does Medvedev want to “unnerve” Ukraine?

A large part of the attacked state should therefore belong to Russia again and “only the west of Ukraine should be among European states,” explained the political scientist, adding: “That’s the goal he’s serving – so strengthening this narrative is not existing statehood and sovereignty of Ukraine.” This idea is “of course completely absurd”. According to Mangott, “there is no attempt outside of Russia to partition Ukraine – not even in Poland, where historically one would have had a right to do so”.

In addition, the Russian deputy head of security is probably also concerned with “unsettling Ukraine,” according to the professor. “Are the motives of the neighboring states of Poland and Hungary really that positive, or will these states eventually lay claim to territories that belonged to their states in the more distant past? I think that’s the second intention that Medvedev is pursuing with it.”

All in all, it was “really absurd what he was saying,” said Mangott. He could only “identify the two motives”, but not rule out “that he wasn’t quite in his right mind”. Because: “Alcohol addiction is really a big problem for him. It may be that this Telegram post was born into such a phase.”

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