“Saeed Al Muhairi: The Youngest Author in the World – Guinness World Record Holder”

2023-05-29 11:12:11

ABU DHABI – The Guinness Book of World Records awarded the distinction of being the youngest author in the world to Saeed Al Muhairi (4), a native boy who published a series of books including two books, The Elephant Saeed and the Bear and My True Friend. The record achievement was on the closing day of the International Book Fair. Saeed Al Muhairi was honored with a Guinness certificate at the booth of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood at the fair. Saeed said he loves reading and writing to apply what he learns.

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Saeed’s first book is The Elephant Saeed and the Bear. This earned Saeed his first international title as the world’s youngest author. The second book is My True Friend. Both the books tell the story for children. Saeed was inspired by his sister, Al Dabi Al Muhairi, who at the age of seven became the world’s youngest publisher of a series of bilingual books and entered the Guinness Book of Records. At the age of 4 years and 289 days, Saeed Al Muhairi has met all the criteria to become the world’s youngest author of the book series, authorities said.

English Summary: 4 year old boy set new guinness world record for becoming the world’s youngest author.

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