Saemapetch Knock Krubdam – Declaration of a challenge to Nong-O, hoping to take revenge

“Left Fah Fah” Saemapetch Fairtex concluded the top boxing of the 60’s like “Left Meteorite” Kulabdam, Sor Jor. Peak Uthai. With a punch to the body in the battle of ONE: FULL BLAST, which aired the tape of the match on Friday, May 28,

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After the bell began to ring, the black rose was the one who walked towards the kicker to greet Saemapetch’s side, still still, both of them being careful not to be impulsive. until the referee had to warn to accelerate Saemapetch, who waited for the moment Sending a lightning left punch into the body, Kulabdam landed on the ground in an unexpected way. Saemapetch reiterated his strength on the No. 1 bantamweight Muay Thai category of ONE Championship, the type that the chair didn’t have. quake

Saemapetch revealed after the battle, “I won this fight. If there is a chance, I would like to revenge with P O (Nong-O Gaiyanghadao, Prince of Throne of ONE Muay Thai Bantamweight Class).”

As for other results, Xia Wei won TKO. Cantharaj Akasa round 2 (mixed fight Flyweight bout), Miles Simpson defeats Santino Verbeek (kickboxing welterweight), Edward Kelly defeats Ahmed Fares by unanimous decision. s (mixed combat Featherweight bout), Anthony Do defeats Liang Wei Submission at 3.55 minutes of round 2 (mixed fight 57.7 kg)

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