Safwan Bahlawan: “The sea stole my brother, his son, and many friends from me

12:22 AM

Friday 25 March 2022

Books – Moataz Abbas:

The great Syrian star Safwan Bahlawan was a guest of Mona El-Shazly, presenter of the “With You” program, which is broadcast on CBC.

In front of the audience in the studio, Safwan sang the song “Ya Musafir Wahdak”, during the celebration of the birth of the late Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

The Syrian star also presented a piece of music and singing, “All this was for me when I saw your eyes”, amid great fascination from those present on the “With You” program.
“Pahlawan” said that he has been associated with Cairo for a long time, and composed some songs for the artist Mayada Al-Hanawi, noting that he studied Arabic music in Cairo, but was residing in Syria.

He added that his entire family worked at sea, including the fisherman, and some of them owning a ship, pointing out that his father had been making ships for 50 years, and he also loved the sea, even though the sea stole from him “his brother, nephew, cousin, nephew, and friends.” Many of him died by drowning.

He added that he met the late Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab, played the lute Abdul-Wahhab, and obtained this lute from him as a gift.

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