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I believe that many of you will be familiar with “Saint Seiya”. As early as 2016, there was news of a live-action movie remake. Today, the live-action trailer is the first to be released. Wait for the editor to show you a sneak peek!

The live-action version of “Saint Seiya” will be released in 2023. Before the trailer was released, netizens were generally not optimistic, because many movies adapted from well-known Japanese manga will always have a terrible end, such as the Hollywood version of “Dragon Ball”, Disappointed to many comic fans. A few days ago, the film studio released a two-minute behind-the-scenes video. Makensuke Nitta, who plays “Seiya”, has “no sense of disobedience” in terms of appearance and demeanor. Many netizens praised and looked forward to the release of the film.

▲ Makensuke Nitta’s appearance and demeanor have “no sense of disobedience”

As early as the 2016 Sao Paulo International Comic Con, the film studio announced the launch of the live-action film “Saint Seiya”, which was co-produced with the Hong Kong production company Good Film Co., Ltd. Screenwriter of the film “10 Cloverfield Lane” directed by Bagiński wrote the script. The movie will be officially released on the big screen in 2023, loyal comic fans remember to pay close attention!


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