“Sally Ghaddar’s Tragic Journey with Ovarian Cancer and False Rumors – Hotel Dieu Hospital Controversy”

2023-05-09 18:26:00

Sally Ghaddar, 29 years old, tried to live her life like any other young woman in her prime, after she found her life partner and became a wife and lover. She did not imagine that what awaits her would be harsh, and that her journey with treatment to fight stage four ovarian cancer would not be easy at all. She knew that the road was long, but she did not give up. She fought until her last breath.

She dreamed of carrying a fetus in her womb as a fruit of love, but fate was hiding another story and a tumor was growing in her womb.

Today at dawn, Sally’s body succumbed to death. She, who was waiting in the hope of finding a cure for her, closed her eyes forever. But Sally’s death did not end quietly, as her picture spread with news that the #Hotel_Dieu hospital was holding her body until the required amount was secured.

Social media reported the news and spread quickly, the picture of Sally and the news of the seizure of her body. On the other hand, some followers of her case confirm that there is no truth to what is being circulated and that her father received his daughter’s body at eight o’clock in the morning without any objection from the hospital.

Al-Nahar tried to investigate the matter more, and in contact with one of her neighbors in the town of Ghazieh, he assured us that “the news is untrue, and that the family buried their daughter this morning, and there is no seizure of the body.”

The head of the Barbara Nassar Association for Supporting Cancer Patients, Hani Nassar, also explained that he was following up on the case of Sally, who suffered a lot, but it is not valid to seize the body from the hospital. I contacted her father, who confirmed that he had received the body without any problems or objections from anyone. He pays the remainder of the hospital bill after conditions calm down after the tragic death of his daughter.

In parallel, the Hotel Dieu Hospital issued a statement denying what was reported and it said, “In response to the news that was circulated on social media that the management of the Hotel Dieu de France hospital refuses to hand over the body of a young woman who died after a long struggle with her illness except after paying a sum of money, The hospital administration would like to categorically deny the validity of this news, which completely contradicts its principles and mission, which is to provide health care services to all citizens, and confirms that this method has never been used within its adopted policy in dealing with its patients and their families, especially in a sensitive issue such as handing over a dead body to a hospital. her parents.”

Some had reported on its pages that “the young woman, Sally Ghaddar, is losing her battle with the malignant disease, and her body is still in the Hotel Dieu Hospital until the bill is paid. The hospital administration returned, letting the father go on a pledge for the sake of paying the amount, and they handed him the body. And her grieving father told the hospital that we had nothing left.” We sell until we complete the treatment and pay you, please give me my daughter.”

The post added, “There is more criminality than this! Beyond pain, oppression, humiliation, and sadness, the hospital behaves in this inhumane way! Where is the Ministry of Health? Where is the hospital director? We don’t have a heart, conscience, or morals left?”

By God Almighty, words are incapable of expression… The Lebanese citizen is very cheap and he lives, but he is even unfortunately…

May God have mercy on you, Sally. You are treacherous, because you were born in a country called Lebanon.

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