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A group of people who went to eat at a new London restaurant of the eccentric Turkish chef, Salt Bae, expressed in networks his disgust for the high price of the dinner, which was around 37,000 pounds (approximately 190 million pesos).

However, what angered them the most was the excessive cost of the table service, which reached 5,000 pounds (25 million pesos).

Where did these people go to eat?

The diners of the restaurant located in the luxurious Knightsbride neighborhood of the English capital shared on social networks a photo of the ticket with what they had consumed.

The store gastronomic is from the ‘Nusr-Et’ chain and owned by Nusret Gökçe, the chef nicknamed Salt Bae, famous for his playful way of cooking and seasoning.

In addition, its gastronomy has been tested by celebrities such as Diego Maradona, Conor McGregor and J. Balvin.

The restaurant’s reputation and what was consumed added to the bill. The price of the food, especially the drink, was more than excessive, but still reasonable for that place.

What did they eat?

There is no information on how many diners were but in detail it can be seen that they ordered a ‘Golden Tomahawk’, worth 850 pounds (4.3 million pesos).

This was the millionaire bill.

Too ordered 16 servings of a house special ‘Baklava’ and four ‘Golden Baklavas’ with a few servings of French fries that came out just over 600 pounds (3.1 million pesos).

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But what drove the price of dinner to the sky was the cost of the drink. The diners of ‘Nusr-Et’ asked for a bottle of French wine ‘Chateau Petrus’ from 1996, which came out about 9,100 pounds (around 47 million pesos) and two more bottles of the same wine, from 2003, which in total cost 19,900 pounds (102 million pesos).

What’s more: by the end of the meal, the clients toasted with a champagne rosé ‘Dom Perignon’, at a cost of 1,620 pounds (about 8.4 million pesos).

That means that in total they spent 30,620 pounds just on alcoholic beverages, which in Colombian pesos would be around 158 million pesos.

“The charge for the service is criminal”

The excessive final price was also fed by an element that many users of social networks considered abusive: the table service.

In total, the price of the dinner was 32,194 pounds ($ 4,367,621), but 15% was added to this for “table service”. That is, about 4,829 more pounds ($ 655,000 pesos).

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After the publication of the invoice On ‘Reddit’, users initially questioned whether so much was spent on a single dinner, but they also thought about the excessive cost of inadmissibility of simple table service.

According to the local media ‘LadBible’, several Internet users and users criticized what happened.

“£ 4,829 ‘service charge’ for a guy to ruin your steak with a pound of salt?” Wrote one user.

“I can’t bear an extra for the 50-pound service. Imagine 5000. It’s crazy ”, posted another.

On Twitter, meanwhile, users also expressed their dislike with comments like: “Salt Bae is a fraud. You cannot charge such an amount for table service. It’s not ethical”.

“The charge for the service is criminal. 5000 pounds! Salt Bae must have juggled on the table. “

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