Salt spreading will be done on the roads of Brussels this Sunday evening

Preventive salt spreading will be carried out on the roads in the Brussels region this Sunday evening, given the expected bad weather conditions, Brussels Mobility announced on Sunday. “The teams of our Roads Authority are mobilized 24 hours a day to ensure good traffic in the event of winter conditions and closely monitor weather alerts to carry out preventive spreading, mainly at night “, declared the administration in charge of Brussels roads.

New weather infrastructures also allow us to know with great precision the exact conditions on the ground, on the road or on the bike path. To treat the entire network, Bruxelles Mobilité covers more than 800 kilometers of roads in three and a half hours, via 17 large spreading circuits. There are also 14 additional circuits for snow clearing cycle paths, using small-scale machines “, she clarified.

MRI yellow alert

The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) has issued a yellow alert to the slippery conditions valid for the whole country except for the seaside and the province of West Flanders. The warning is valid from Sunday evening 8 p.m. until Monday morning 10 a.m., the MRI said in a statement.

The IRM in fact predicts frost in many parts of the country and therefore recommends paying attention to local patches of frost. The minima will indeed vary from 0 degrees in the west of the country to -4 degrees in the center and will drop between -5 and -10 degrees in the Ardennes.

4000 tonnes of salt available

A complete spreading requires 85 tonnes of salt and currently nearly 4000 tonnes of salt are available in the depots. “We are also working to limit the environmental impact of spraying. Salt is transported, for example, by water via the Port of Brussels, rather than by road”, said Elke Van den Brandt, Brussels Minister for Mobility and Public Works. Bruxelles Mobilité has also invested in a brine dilution station in order to adjust the salt concentration to the situation on the ground.

For this evening and tonight, we expect the gradual arrival of cloudy fields. Mist and fog banks will also be present in places. It will be necessary to bundle up under the duvet: the minimum values ​​will plunge down to -4 degrees or even -10 in the Ardennes. The risk of ice sheet formation will become general.

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