Salzburg Festival 2023: Unveiling the Stunning Costumes for “Jedermann”

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Salzburg – The paramour wears red this year, more precisely bright coral red. “A very vital red”, as Bettina Hering, head of acting, emphasized on Monday at the presentation of the costumes for the new production of “Jedermann” in Salzburg. A simple, cropped floral bodice, 70s flared trousers made of red velvet and a fluffy veil cape ensure an uncomplicated look for the new paramour Valerie Pachner. This year’s “Jedermann” will premiere on Friday evening at the Salzburg Festival.

Acting director Bettina Hering.


The time for big evening dresses is long gone, said Renate Martin, who is responsible for the costumes in “Jedermann”. The new Jedermann Michael Maertens comes on stage just as casually as his paramour: A simple house suit in muted red and purple tones, here and there it glitters in the noble fabrics.

The clothing does not show off, but shows the wealth of the wearer in terms of material and details. “The costume was made for Michael Maertens. It supports the Jedermann as they want to show it,” said Martin.

Michael Maertens (Jedermann) and Helmfried von Lüttichau (r./Jedermann’s good companion).


Costumes with a surprise effect

Every year, the costumes for the “Jedermann” production are also a performance show by the workshops of the festival. The most elaborate dress this year is probably that for goddess Sarah Viktoria Frick. The actress – who also plays the devil and at first wears a very dignified outfit Surprise effect appears – wears a stretchy bodysuit with a huge circle skirt as a goddess.

The costumes (from left) of the goddess, of love and of death.


“The skirt took up half the area of ​​our ballet room when it was sewn,” said costume director Jan Meier. Ten seamstresses worked on it for two weeks. Photos from all over the world printed on light stretch were sewn into a skirt using the patchwork technique spread out on the stage like a meadow of flowers, said Martin, who sees the goddess in this production as Gaia or Mother Earth.Around 300 hours of sewing work went into this costume, reported Meier.

“Jedermann” actor Michael Maertens and “Amour” actress Valerie Pachner.


Sequin Bodysuit and Radiate Headdress

The banknote tutu that Mammon Mirco Kreibich is wearing on stage this year required not much less craftsmanship and work. “1000” banknotes – “Jedermann” is the specially created currency – were printed on a paper-like textile material, gilded, cut up and sewn onto tulle to form a rustling little tutu.

Costume director Jan Meier (right) and Jedermann costume designer Renate Martin (left) with Mammon’s costume.


“When Mirco dances, you can see the gold, how it glitters and shines,” Martin said happily about the effects of the costume. Incidentally, the paramour only has one costume this year, but Pachner is still allowed to slip into a second outfit. She doesn’t just play Everybody’s lover, but also death – in a black sequined bodysuit with a radiant headdress, for which the costume designer was inspired by the All Saints’ Day celebrations in Mexico.What a contrast to the yellow wreath of flowers she wears as a love interest.

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The Costume of Death.


Since 1920, Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s “Jedermann – das Spiel von die Richen Mann” has been a fixture at the Salzburg Festival. The play is traditionally shown on Domplatz or, in bad weather, in the Großes Festspielhaus.

After this year’s premiere on July 21, further performances are planned for July 24, 25 and 28 as well as on July 1, 5, 8, 13, 15, 18, 21, 22, 28 and Scheduled August 29th. All performances are already sold out. (TT, APA)

The new production will premiere on Friday.


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