Salzburg is electing a new state parliament today

2023-04-23 00:00:00

Shortly after 5 p.m. there should be the first projections, at around 10 p.m. the preliminary final result. Polls see the ÖVP of Governor Wilfried Haslauer, who is hoping for a third term, still in first place. The federal parties are also looking forward to Salzburg.

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Last dance in the Salzburg Dirndl?
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Last dance in the Salzburg Dirndl?

SALZBURG. State election: In the neighboring federal state, Governor Haslauer is fighting for another term of office, but he may have to …

Last dance in the Salzburg Dirndl?

386,947 people are entitled to vote in the third and last state election in 2023. To date, the country has been governed by a three-party coalition of ÖVP, Greens and NEOS. In the 2018 state election, the ÖVP was the clear winner with 37.8 percent. The Greens achieved 9.3, the NEOS 7.3 percent of the vote. According to the polls, it is questionable whether the “Dirndl Coalition” can hold its majority. A race for second place on Sunday SPÖ (2018: 20.0 percent) and FPÖ (2018: 18.8 percent). This time, the KPÖ Plus can also calculate the chances of overcoming the five percent hurdle and thus entering the state parliament. However, this undertaking is likely to be hopeless for the lists “Human Freedom, Fundamental Rights” (MFG) and “We are Salzburg” (WIRS) hoping for protest votes.

The Salzburg elections at federal level are awaited with some excitement. For the SPÖ, their result could well play some role in the member survey on the federal party chairmanship, which starts on Monday – and overshadowed the Salzburg election campaign. After the gain in Carinthia, the ÖVP is hoping for another sign of consolidation, i.e. at least a smaller loss than in Lower Austria and Tyrol. The FPÖ expects further gains and is striving for further government cooperation with the ÖVP after Lower Austria. Greens and NEOS, on the other hand, are trembling about one of two coalition participations at state level.


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