Sama Al-Masry .. a Saudi housewife swept a rocket that appeared in transparent black in her bedroom with a dance compass that shook the youth .. and a follower Ghalib Safinaz and Lurdiana

2023-06-25 09:41:25

Saturday 24 June 2023 09:10 am

You are now following the news of scavenging Sama Al Massri .. A Saudi housewife, Sarokh, appears in transparent black in her bedroom, with a dance compass that shook the youth.

Riyad – Ahmed Salah – A housewife started a very large dance party while she was in her bedroom while she was wearing a black dress, which spread very widely on the social networking page and on the social media pages in a very large way because of the middle of the dance that was performed by a Saudi housewife She is wearing a black abaya while she is dancing to one of the Gulf songs.

The house and she is filming a video of her from inside her bedroom while she is doing a dance link that shook all the social networking sites because of the place she does while performing the dance link while she is sitting on the chair and making some strong and bold movements from her, which made her exposed to sharp and very large criticism because of who she did this the girl.

Recently, video clips of housewives appear as they perform a dance in the rooms of their house or inside their house, which has spread very widely on the social media pages of women presenting themselves in order to collect money and fame.

However, there are some housewives who imitate some of the dancers that appeared on the scene recently, such as Safinaz and Alwardiana, but the matter has spread in the Saudi arena in a very wide way, but the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not taken any decisions regarding these videos that have spread on social media platforms.

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