Samah Anwar reveals for the first time the real father of her son after the death of Samir Sabry… An earthquake surprise shook the artistic community!

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The journalist Amr Al-Leithi published, on his Facebook account, a video of his previous meeting with the artist, Samah Anwar, after the scheming Mohamed Ashoub spoke about the presence of a son of the late artist Samir Sabry from a well-known artist, and speculation went that it was Samah Anwar.

Samah Anwar said during her meeting with the media, Amr Al-Leithi, on his program “One of the People”: “I married Abu Adham Atef Fawzy once, and God did not have a love story, but at that time he was in love and Atef Fawzy died and Adham was two years old, we were in 1997.

And she continued: “After the death of my husband, I did not think about marrying again, and the presence of Adham in my life prevented me from getting married, and I think that it is more appropriate that I am the mother of my son and salvation, and I want to live to a limit and do the morning for him, but if I am not going to get up from the bed.”

Regarding her association with the artist Samir Sabry, she replied, “I was hoping to marry him, and it was not appropriate for us to marry at a young age, and whatever the reason, we did not talk about these needs, and we did not say some words of love. People remember that there is a serious relationship, but there is no relationship with seriousness and nothing.” There is serious friendship, but there is no talk on this subject.”

Samah Anwar reveals the secret of not recognizing her son

A previous interview was also circulated, during which the artist, Samah Anwar, stated why her son, Adham, did not recognize her. She said that this behavior was a mistake of her life and confirmed that she did not regret any mistake she had done, but she regretted this mistake and said with a sense of pain all that I thought.

And the artist, Samah Anwar, announced that the main reason for not recognizing her son was her parents, so her mother and father refused to announce her marriage and that she had a son in order not to lose her acting career.

Samah confirmed that she was young at this incident, and at that time she was not thinking like now, and she said, “I did not find my account worker who was in front of me, so he would feel what, so the most important thing was Papa and Mama Mazaloush.”

Samah Anwar also confirmed that her son Adham was at a young age and did not understand the meaning of the words, and when her son began to understand, she started thinking about how to announce that he was her real son.

Samah Anwar stated that she was thinking of announcing that Adham was her real son, and during this period she was a guest with the media Mahmoud Saad. At the end of the episode, Mahmoud Saad asked his guests to tell a secret that no one knew, so the artist Samah Anwar felt that it was the right time to announce that he was her real son.

Samah Anwar bids farewell to Samir Sabry: “You never liked pain.”

On the other hand, the artist, Samah Anwar, called the late artist Samir Sabry, who left our world last May, with moving words on her personal page on Facebook, expressing her deep sadness at his loss.

Samah published a picture of Samir Sabri, and commented on it, saying: “Your age did not like pain or disease, and no one sat alone in confronting them.. I was always Samir and Amir, and on Friday the family and the family blamed, and today Friday is satisfied, and I brought you together with your lover.”

And she added, “May God have mercy on you and grant you the grace to look at his honorable face, and give patience to all the hearts that knew you.. Peace, my family, my family, peace be upon all of your loved ones and my beloved.”

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