Samaritan Association: Please donate for the victims in Libya!

2023-09-17 12:05:04

In coordination with the BM.I, aid for the victims of the flood disaster in Libya is starting.

Vienna (OTS) The heaviest rains in decades have caused catastrophic damage in Libya and killed thousands of people. A week after the devastating floods, the death toll has risen to more than 11,000. At least 10,100 people are still missing in the particularly affected port city of Darna alone. International, person-to-person assistance is now the order of the day. “Medical supplies, temporary accommodation for the survivors, supplies of water and food are now urgently needed there,” explains Reinhard Hundsmüller, federal managing director of the Austrian Workers’ Samaritan Association.

International help from person to person

Storm “Daniel”, which had already caused severe destruction in Greece, reached the North African country last Sunday. Images from the affected region show broken dams, huge mudslides, collapsed houses and entire parts of the city under water.

“The people in the disaster area now need concrete and substantial help: The Austrian Workers’ Samaritan Association is working here in coordination with the BM.I’s crisis and disaster management. Our operations department with the volunteer members of the SA-RRT (Samaritan Austria – Rapid Response Team) – the international disaster relief unit of the Samaritan Association – prepares the requested relief supplies, such as camp beds, for transport to Libya by plane. Many thanks to all the people in Austria who support our relief campaign with a donation,” concluded Reinhard Hundsmüller.


Donation account:
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The Austrian Workers’ Samaritan Association is the holder of the official Austrian donation quality seal.

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