Samsung adds a power-throttling switch to the Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Galaxy S series phones have been found to have “battery door” the same efficacy constraints, the incident has both media coverage and government investigations.pressureSamsung also had to be the firstRemedy for a dead sheep.according to XDA Samsung has been the first to launch for the Galaxy S22 series phones in South Korearenewadd back “Game Performance Management Mode” to Game Booster, and give users the autonomy to adjust the performance of mobile phones.

Samsung hasn’t disclosed plans to roll out similar updates elsewhere, and it’s unknown if the same update will be available for older Galaxy devices that are subject to such restrictions. However, since it is under the pressure of many parties, I believe that everyone does not need to wait too long.

This GOS service that will limit the performance of the mobile phone, the most annoying part is not only that Samsung makes this decision for the user on its own, but more importantly, even other apps that are not games will be limited, which is for the user. impact on daily use.

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