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Sales in the smartphone market slowed down last year, with sales down 11% from 2021. Among them, Samsung, the first brother, was more severely affected, with shipments down nearly 16% from 2021. Shortly after entering 2023, Samsung took the lead with the Galaxy S23 series. Samsung recently announced its sales performance around the world, which seems to show signs of regaining its courage.

Sales growth in Asian markets

Compared with the Galaxy S22 series, the Galaxy S23 series has a good sales performance in the Asian market. The number of pre-sales in Taiwan has increased by at least 10% compared with the previous generation, while the number of pre-sales in India has doubled that of last year. 140,000 units were sold. South Korea sold 1.09 million units in the first week, 80,000 more than last year, of which S23 Ultra accounted for 60% of the total, followed by S23 at 23% and S23+ at 17%.

60% of customers buy the Ultra model

Only France has temporarily released sales data in the European market. During the pre-sale period from February 1 to 16, sales doubled compared with last year. Pre-orders for the Galaxy S23 series in Latin America also increased by 50% compared to last year. One of the reasons is that Brazil became the market for the first time. In the first two weeks of February, the S23 Ultra accounted for 59% of the pre-sales of the series. After integrating all the figures, Samsung said that as many as 60% of customers choose the highest-end S23 Ultra. It is worth mentioning that the above figures do not include the North American market, which tends to buy high-end models, otherwise the proportion of S23 Ultra may be higher.



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