Samsung Announces Galaxy AI Features Coming to More Smartphones: Circle to Search, Live Translation, and More!

Samsung’s Galaxy AI Features Coming to More Devices

Great news for Samsung users! Samsung recently announced that its Galaxy AI features will be available on more smartphones. This means that features like Circle to Search, Live Translation, Instant Slow-Mo, and Generative Edit will soon be accessible to older Samsung devices near you.

This exciting update will be rolled out through the long-speculated software update, OneUI 6.1. With this update, Samsung users can look forward to experiencing the full range of Galaxy AI features. From Google’s Circle to Search to Samsung’s Edit Suggestion, this update packs a punch. Additionally, it includes auto summarization capabilities for exclusive apps such as Samsung Notes and quick photo editing features in Samsung’s Gallery app. Moreover, similar to Google’s Pixel smartphones, this update enables Samsung users to generate wallpapers on their devices.

But that’s not all! The OneUI 6.1 update brings more than just Galaxy AI-branded features. It also introduces additional Lock Screen widgets with support for Samsung’s apps, including Samsung Health. Furthermore, Samsung is rolling out Battery Protection, its own version of Android’s adaptive charging mode. This feature ensures that your device does not remain fully charged on the dock, reducing wear on the battery cycles. The update also includes a switch to Quick Share with its official Google-via-Samsung rebranding.

Excitingly, the OneUI 6.1 update will be available for all Galaxy S23 smartphones, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy S23 FE. Samsung hasn’t forgotten about its foldable devices either, as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 will also receive the update. Additionally, tablets like the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Tab S9, and Tab S9+ are part of the update lineup.

Samsung aims to bring Galaxy AI to “over 100 million” of its users, and there may be more devices added to the update list in the future. So, if you own any of the mentioned devices, be ready to receive the software update in late March 2024.

Implications and Future Trends

This update from Samsung marks a significant step towards making advanced AI features accessible to a wider audience. By expanding the availability of Galaxy AI across various devices, Samsung is keeping up with the growing demand for innovative and intelligent smartphone features.

The inclusion of features like Circle to Search and Live Translation showcases Samsung’s commitment to improving user experience and productivity. These features empower users to easily search for information and translate content in real-time without the need for external apps or services.

Moreover, the introduction of Generative Edit and quick photo editing in Samsung’s Gallery app further enhances the creative capabilities of Samsung smartphone users. It allows them to make edits and enhancements on the go, saving time and effort.

The integration of auto summarization capabilities for exclusive apps like Samsung Notes is a game-changer for professionals and students who heavily rely on note-taking. It enables them to easily summarize and review their notes, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, the ability to generate wallpapers on Samsung devices aligns with the growing

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