Samsung Display showcases new folding technology that can be folded 360 degrees or used for Galaxy Z Fold5-ePrice.HK

Samsung Display earlier exhibited a flexible screen technology that is still in the prototype stage. This screen called Flex In & Out can be folded 360 degrees. In other words, the device using this screen can be folded inward or outward at the same time. , providing more flexibility and possibilities in design and use.

New Technology Reduces Creases

Another feature of the Flex In & Out screen is the use of a new teardrop-style opening and closing hinge, which will reserve a certain amount of arc space when folding inwards to ensure that the screen will not have unsightly creases due to folding in half. Put less pressure on the screen. Samsung Display publicly demonstrated Flex In & Out screen technology as early as 2021, but the prototype at the time was a two-fold S-shaped design, and now it uses a single-fold design, which is closer to the Galaxy Z Fold series on sale.

Or Z Fold5 will be the first to adopt this year

The technology website The Verge estimates that the Flex In & Out screen may be the first to be used in the Galaxy Z Fold5, because there were earlier rumors that this folding machine released this year will replace the current U-shaped hinge with a new drop-shaped hinge, and The screen crease will not be as noticeable as on previous models.






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