Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro true wireless earphones test: two fingers away from the best

Regarding their operation, again, the Buds Pro are very classic. When used for the first time, pairing starts automatically when the case is opened – with the advantage, only on Samsung smartphones, of a “quick pairing” function showing an instant connection window on the screen. In terms of the advantages reserved for Samsung devices, we must also note the presence of a unified pairing with automatic switching: for owners of a tablet and a smartphone from the Korean brand, the pairing of Buds Pro to the one of these devices will immediately be extended to the second. Therefore, the headphones automatically switch their connection from one device to another when a playback is initiated, or a call received, on one of them.

The controls are distributed over two tactile surfaces, one on the back of each headset. By default, they allow playback control (play / pause, navigation between tracks), and toggle between noise reduction mode and transparency mode. It is possible to replace the latter function by adjusting the volume, or by calling the Bixby voice assistant – again, only on Samsung smartphones, of course. Note also that the Buds Pro are not compatible with any other voice assistant …

This customization of controls is done through the Samsung Wearables application, available only on Android. Strangely, the Buds Pro are absolutely not supported by the Galaxy Buds app on iOS – and no update to this effect is announced by the manufacturer. It’s an amazing step backwards from Buds + and Buds Live.

The Buds Pro are of course still usable with an iOS device (as with any other Bluetooth source device), but are then deprived of a significant number of their setting options. In addition to the customization of the controls, we also lose access to the various noise reduction and, above all, equalization profiles – which are however important, as we will see below.

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